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Pre-Fire Predictions 9th September 2020

"Mir has an incredible 1.21 rating with 0.79 kills per round over the last 3 months"

RAND1919 | Sep 09, 2020 | Pre-Fire Predictions

Complexity vs Spirit

TOP PICK (most kills): mir (Spirit) @ 4.00

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): blameF (Complexity) @ 6.00

Team Spirit seems to be unbeatable right now and while most of their opponents are from a lower level of competition, it’s still impressive to see the squad consistency and quality traits. Complexity on the other hand is certainly one of the most inconsistent teams in the higher level of competition. Having a barebones map pool and exploitable flaws, Complexity is a target for their opponents. Mir and chopper are constantly the best individuals in Team Spirit, while blameF and poizon are  the stars of the show for Complexity. Mir has an incredible 1.21 rating with 0.79 kills per round over the last 3 months, which is outstanding. In Spirit’s last match vs Vitality, he was the man of the match with an impressive 1.32 rating and 0.89 kills per round. In the end he got 82 kills in total, which is an incredible number vs the number 1 team in the world currently. For that reason, mir is my 1st pick, while my 2nd pick to win the most kills award is blameF from Complexity. With a fantastic 1.28 rating he is the best individual on their side. Complexity has an advantage, and this will be a really close battle regarding the kill numbers.

mousesports vs NiP

TOP PICK (most kills): ropz (mousesports) @ 3.90

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): Bymas (mousesports) @ 11.20

The team’s main AWPer, woxic, has been benched from the team, with Bymas coming in to replace him. This should mean that chrisJ will pick up the AWP full-time for the team, with Bymas filling in for chrisJ. This is exciting since we haven’t seen chrisJ on the AWP for a long time. And it seems like that move was a good one. Mouz is on a two match winning streak, and their new addition Bymas was the man of the match in their match vs fnatic with 68 kills and 90.2 ADR. If you are aiming for the underdog here, go with Bymas. If you want a safer pick, ropz from mouz is a good way to go. Being one of the best individuals on the team over the last few weeks, it’s hard to ignore his firepower. 1.18 rating in the match vs FaZe and decent 42 kills. Ropz is a straight line constant that is always performing. 

FURIA vs Triumph

TOP PICK (most kills): yuurih (FURIA) @ 4.60

UNDERDOG PICK (most kills): arT (FURIA) @ 7.40

FURIA is one of the strongest teams in ESL Pro League Season 12 North America and they will be proving that to their opponents. FURIA, who fits with the top dogs, is coming to this match with high hopes as they are the absolute favourites. The squad overwhelms Triumph in almost every level. And for that reason, I see FURIA’s players dominating in this match. Especially yuurih, who is a beast with his frags. With 1.13 rating and 0.71 kills per round he is for sure the strongest fragger in the FURIA lineup. As an underdog, I would definitely pick arT here instead of KSCERATO. These 2 players were really close in their performances in their last two matches, but I’m picking arT here because of his high impact in the game and amazing 1.13 rating. 

These tips are intended as a guide only and probables shown on Puntt are subject to change as we take bets from other customers.

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