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Pre-Fire Predictions 11th September 2020

"In their last two matches vs Spirit and NiP, BlameF almost crushed the servers with his performance."

RAND1919 | Sep 11, 2020 | Pre-Fire Predictions

As ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe & North America prepares for the second weekend of action, we take a look at some of the top and outsider picks for your day ahead of esports betting.

NiP vs Spirit

TOP PICK (most kills): mir (Spirit) @ 3.50

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): REZ (NiP) @ 10.30

Team Spirit are extremely hard to beat right now and while most of their opponents have been from tier 1 CS:GO lately, it’s still impressive to see the squad consistency and quality traits. They will be hard opponents. 1-2 vs fnatic, 2-1 vs Vitality, 1-2 vs Complexity. They’ve managed to take at least a map off all their recent opponents. The number one team in the world fell into mir’s hands. Mir from Spirit will be the highest ranked player in the server today. With a 1.19 rating and 0.78 kills per round, he is surely one of the players with the highest impact in Spirit. I see him scoring the most kills again. As an underdog pick, I see a lot of potential and value in REZ from NiP. NiP won’t take this match easily and they will need to do all they can do to beat Spirit. REZ has been performing very well recently, and he can surprise. Odds on him are favourable. In their last match vs mouz, he was the entry fragger and the best player on the server from NiP. Even though ropz from mouz was unstoppable, REZ scored 65 kills respectively. 

Complexity vs Fnatic

TOP PICK (most kills): BlameF (Complexity) @ 5.50

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): JW (Fnatic) @ 9.70

Complexity Gaming has won all three of its group stage matches at ESL Pro League so far. The team has emerged as a strong contender and a juggernaut in the true sense of the word. Complexity relies on its in-game leader not only to provide the leadership for the players but also to lead the team in kills and statistics. BlameF has not disappointed so far. Fnatic’s potential as a team cannot be underestimated. BlameF is just a monster and with his 1.30 rating, he is a potential candidate for the most kills in this match. In their last two matches vs Spirit and NiP he almost crushed the servers with his performance. He was man of the match in both series with 1.48 and 1.52 rating. Simply amazing. I would say JW is a real underdog pick here. He was the man of the match in their win vs FaZe. With 1.26 he was the best individual on the server. His knife kills are incredible, but he tends to play seriously when he must.

Cloud9 vs Triumph

TOP PICK (most kills): oSee (Cloud9) @ 6.20

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): floppy (Cloud9) @ 5.50

Cloud9 and Triumph will face each other in the ESL Pro League Season 12 North America. The Cloud9 CSGO team is on its last legs as the organization is already searching for a new home for the players. Meanwhile, Triumph lost the majority of its CS:GO roster recently and the new team has not been putting up as good performances as the previous one. Triumph could potentially pose a challenge to Cloud9, but it is very difficult to assess the Cloud9 players’ state of mind. The two teams played against each other recently and Cloud9 emerged victorious. Generally, Triumph’s players have been performing poorly recently. Poor aim, poor individual quality and moves, poor frags. Floppy is the favourite number one according to Puntt odds, but I would rather pick oSee with slightly higher odds. He is most probably the best player in C9’s lineup. 1.19 rating, 0.78 kills per round and 1.17 impact in the game. In their last two matches, both oSee and floppy performed really well. However, 80 kills for oSee vs FURIA was outstanding. It  was this performance that changed my mind.

These tips are intended as a guide only and probables shown on Puntt are subject to change as we take bets from other customers.

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