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Pre-Fire Predictions 17th September 2020

"If you want to be sure about top fragger and top pick here, go with ZywOo"

RAND1919 | Sep 17, 2020 | Pre-Fire Predictions

As ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe & North America prepares for the fourth week of action, we take a look at some of the top and outsider picks for your day ahead of esports betting.

G2 vs AGO

TOP PICK (most kills): hunter (G2) @ 5.40

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): nexa (G2) @ 8.70

The Frenchmen under G2 suffered a major loss against BIG but the team is ready to get back on the grind, and their next challenge is set to be against the Polish team AGO. AGO is a competent second-tier team with highly promising players, but they lack much when it comes to tactics and advanced strategies, which will prove to be a major disadvantage against G2. I have no doubt who will win here and which team’s players will be on the top. G2 is just a simply better team with better players. Hunter and nexa were on point in their last three matches, and I expect them to be here too. Nexa is the highest rated player in G2 in the last three months with 1.15 ratings, while nexa is just right behind him with 1.10 ratings. Those guys are carrying G2 in almost every match, whether it’s a win or a loss.

NaVi vs Heroic

TOP PICK (most kills): s1mple (NaVi) @ 2.80

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): stavn (Heroic) @ 7.20

This will be a very close match. Two amazing teams battling it out. NaVi has s1mple and they are doing overall better than Heroic in all games played. The form of both teams has been on the fall, but I still think NaVi is a slight favourite here. In the last five matches they have four wins, while Heroic has three wins and a surprising loss vs AGO. My top pick here is very easy. S1mple is the one. The second best player in the world performs in almost every match and he is the best individual in NaVi. With an amazing 1.27 rating he is my number one pick for this match. We can’t put Heroic players aside, since they have quality individuals too. For my underdog pick I'm choosing stavn from Heroic. He is the highest rated player on the Heroic side. In the last 3 matches, once he was top fragger on Heroic, and twice he was amongst top two in his team. So there is defintely potential here. If Heroic overall perform, he has a chance to overshine s1mple, even though I don’t think this will happen.

Vitality vs Complexity

TOP PICK (most kills): ZywOo (Vitality) @ 2.90

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): blameF (Complexity) @ 6.00

Vitality, one of the strongest teams in CS:GO right now, is going to face Complexity Gaming, a wildcard team that is dangerous to any opponent who do not respect them. Vitality’s latest results aren’t encouraging, and while the squad knows this, it’s a much harder task to actually fix their current issues. Coming to this match, they will be facing one of the most dynamic teams around, putting them at a massive disadvantage. Complexity is currently in a winning streak, and this match shouldn’t be the stop of it. The squad has been very impressive individually-wise and they have been showing great showings when it comes to tactics. There is no room for much thinking and experimenting here. If you want to be sure about top fragger and top pick here, go with ZywOo. The best player in the world in the previous season. His 1.30 ratings and high impact in the game is scary for their opponents. On the other side, we have Complexity’s best player - blameF. With 1.28 ratings he was the man of the match in their last three wins. He shined in a match vs NiP, where he achieved an amazing 1.52 rating. Surely a nice underdog with good odds.

These tips are intended as a guide only and probables shown on Puntt are subject to change as we take bets from other customers.

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