Betting Rules

These betting rules forms part of our Terms of Use, which also contains definitions used. Itʼs important that you read and understand these documents before opening an account with Puntt. Weʼve tried our best to make them fair, transparent and written in plain English. If you want some clarification on these rules please contact our support team.

Weʼll update these rules as well as our Terms of Use from time to time, including when new products and services are added to Puntt. When we make a material change to these Terms of Use or Betting Rules, we will notify you by posting an announcement on the Site.

Pool Betting

Puntt operates a pool betting system, sometimes referred to as ‘tote’ or ‘pari-mutuel’ betting. In pool betting all bets are placed into a pool, and the winnings are calculated by taking the pool total, less the pool fee, and dividing by the amount staked on the winner. This means youʼre betting against each other, not against us, so weʼll never close your account for winning too much, and the size of the winnings are dictated by the size of the pool and the amount staked on the winner.

Players pooling their bets
All bets on a particular market are collected together into a pool
Pie chart showing a portion being removed
A percentage is set aside as Punttʼs fee for hosting the pool
Diagram showing the removed portion going to Puntt and the remainder going to winning players
What remains is proportionally divided between the winners
Community Chest Icon

Community Chest

At Puntt we believe in making esports better, so a percentage of our house cut and breakage from every pool is allocated to the Puntt Community Chest and is then donated to charities and esports foundations. Every bet you place with Puntt, a little goes to charity.


Minimum stakes and stake units apply to all bets. We may change these from time to time, and they are always displayed on the bet page. On some pools we may offer flexi betting, meaning you can place a bet smaller than the minimum stake unit into a pool, but youʼll receive a smaller payout on winning proportional to your smaller stake.

Although weʼll always try to settle a pool and return winnings as soon as possible, sometimes we may need to delay payout of winnings in the event of ambiguity, dispute, or official enquiry of the result. The timing of payout of winnings is entirely at the discretion of Puntt.

Sometimes stuff doesnʼt go according to plan, so we retain the right to correct any errors in bets regardless of cause to ensure our platform is fair for everyone.

In the interests of keeping the platform safe and fair for everyone we reserve the right to accept or decline the whole or part of any proposed bet.


Any bets on matches, competitions, events which are cancelled, voided, or otherwise unable to declare a winner, will be refunded.

Any bets on players, participants, or outcomes which are voided for any reason, for example, substitution or forfeiture, will be refunded.

All refunds are subject to any exceptions as set out in our Terms of Use (for example where we are investigating a breach of rules of an event or sports governing body).

Where a match, competition or event is completed but there are no winners within the pool, the pool total will be added into another pool for a similar event at the discretion of Puntt. This is commonly referred to as a rollover.

Dead Heats

Where a pool often results in multiple winners (e.g. KD or most kills) the pool will often be set up with a ‘tiebreaker’ metric which is detailed on the bet pool page, for example in a Most Kills pool with an accuracy tiebreaker if two players are tied on most kills the tied player with the highest accuracy will be announced as the winning selection. In the event of no tiebreaker, or where there is more than one winning outcome, a pool will be settled as a dead heat.

In a dead heat settlement the pool total, less the pool fee, will be divided equally between the winning outcomes, and the outcome totals divided between the winning bets proportional to the bet stakes. So if Player1 is the favourite and has twice the amount staked on them than Player2, in a dead heat settlement the winning payouts on Player2 will be twice the size of payouts on Player1.

Bet Types

Currently, Puntt offers bets on professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends matches. If thereʼs a game or league youʼd like to bet on, but we donʼt yet offer, drop an email to or reach out via Discord. Weʼd love to hear from you.

Market Types

Predicting which team will be the winner of a match is great, but we think thereʼs more to esports than the team who wins the game. Puntt offers esports betting pools which allows you to wager on a wider variety of markets, using a playerʼs individual skill and teamwork. These markets include but are not limited to:

These markets can be offered against a tournament, match or individual map within a match. Where matches are made up of two or more maps, the final metric for the match is calculated by taking the sum of the metrics for each individual map. For example, match ADR is calculated by summing the individual player ADR for each map, not by taking total damage across all maps and dividing by total rounds across all maps.

Availability of these markets will vary, based on customer interest in each event and market.

Pool Definitions

Against any given market we aim to offer a variety of pools, these pools are tailored to the event so some events may have more pools offered than others. These pools are listed and explained below:







Pick N

Pick N Duo

Pick N Trio

Pool Fees

Bet TypeHouse CutMinimum BetMinimum Unit
Duo18%£0.50£0.50 flexi to 10%
Exacta18%£0.50£0.50 flexi to 10%
Trio20%£0.50£0.50 flexi to 10%
Trifecta20%£0.50£0.50 flexi to 10%
Pick N22%£0.50£0.50 flexi to 10%
Pick N Duo25%£0.50£0.50 flexi to 10%
Pick N Trio25%£0.50£0.50 flexi to 10%

Other Pool Information

Pool Life Cycle

All bets at Puntt are placed into pools, these pools follow a life cycle like this:

Rollover Pools

If there are are no winning bets on one or more of the winning combinations of a pool, then the unwon portion of the net pool (total pool, less the house cut) becomes part of the Rollover pools. The Rollover pool is split between the Puntt Community Chest (up to 20% as determined by Puntt) and the remainder is rolled over into other pools to increase the winnings at the discretion of the Puntt team. All Rollover pools will be rolled over within one month of the original pool.

Flexi Pools

Some pools allow fractional betting, this allows you to place a bet with multiple selections for one price which may cause each selections unit price to drop below the minimum unit for that pool. When the pool is settled the winning payout for a flexi bet is adjusted in proportion to the smaller unit stake. For Example:

Alex places a Pick 3: selecting all five players of their favourite team in the first and second legs, selects their top two players in the last leg and sets a total stake of £10.00. This is fifty bets total, so each combination is placed as a flexi bet with £0.20 on each combination. This is 40% of the minimum unit stake.

The net pool size is £1,000, and one of Alexʼs combinations is the only winner of the pool. Because Alexʼs winning bet was 40% of the minimum unit stake, they win 40% of the net pool. Alex wins £400, and the rest of the pool is transferred into the Rollover pool.


When a pool is settled and the net total is split between the winners, dividends are rounded down according to the following rules.

For example, a £10.00 bet which has a dividend of £25.61 will have the dividend rounded to £25.50. The total payout for that bet will therefore be £25.50 × £10.00 = £255.00.

The pennies that are left over in this rounding are called ‘breakage’, all breakage goes to the Puntt Community Chest. The Puntt Community Chest will be donated to Registered Charities. We publish the breakage information and the resultant charity donations every three months.