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Pre Fire Predictions 1st October 2020

"I expect s1mple to be a safe bet, with syrsoN's recent form making him a key player for BIG "

RAND1919 | Oct 01, 2020 | Pre-Fire Predictions

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NaVi vs Complexity

TOP PICK (most kills): s1mple (Natus Vincere) @ 2.90

UNDERDOG PICK (most kills): blameF (Complexity) @ 6.20

I felt like Complexity was clearly disrespected in the betting market in my last article and they did come through with the win against ENCE. They now face a far tougher test in the form of NaVi and we are getting a similar number on the upset. Complexity have actually had the edge in this matchup recently, beating NaVi in the last two meetings. Bizarrely, NaVi has insisted on playing Dust2 even when Train and Overpass have been available, completely ignoring the fact that this is Complexity’s best map in terms of pure win-rate (72.2% with 36 played). This has really cost them, as they have lost the last two games on Dust2 against Complexity. It makes you wonder when (and if) NaVi will finally adjust and pick a map like Train or Overpass instead. Those are the maps that are good for s1mple, one of the highest-rated players in the CS:GO. With his 1.35 ratings, he should be the highest-ranked fragger in this match. Especially after his last performance vs mousesports. Man of the match award and impressive 1.38 rating in that series must make him a top pick in this situation. On the other side blameF is the highest-rated player on the Complexity side. His 1.24 ratings made him the man of the match in a lot of recent clashes. His last performance vs ENCE didn’t go unnoticed. His 56 kills on the server and +16 KD difference made him one of the best individuals in that match. He is surely a good pick for an underdog here.

BIG vs Heroic

TOP PICK (most kills): syrsoN (BIG) @ 7.80

UNDERDOG PICK (most kills): TeSeS (Heroic) @ 8.20

BIG and Heroic have a lot of history with each other. They have faced off four times this year, with BIG beating them in three out of those meetings. However, it was the Danes that came out on top in a 2–1 victory in the group stage this season. The last map in the series was very close and really could have gone either way, showing just how closely matched these teams are at the moment. This is a more or less a pick’em type matchup, in my mind. I would slightly edge it in favor of BIG due to their track record against Heroic, but the Danes are looking sharp and should not be underestimated. Both teams have proven in past series that they are capable of winning on their opponent’s map pick as well, so I could see this match being a 2–0 in either direction. It’s really hard to pick top fraggers in this match. Teams are even, possibilities are few. So I would make some unorthodox suggestions here. My top pick here would be syrsoN, a player with a decent 1.12 rating in the last few months. He is usually not on the big screen, but in the last few matches he is killing it. 1.51 rating vs Team Spirit and man of the match award with impressive 52 kills. 76 kills in the match vs GODSENT and an impressive 1.20 rating. He is not consistent in all the matches, but his shape is undisputed now. On the other side, TeSeS from Heroic is a very similar player to him. Off the big screen, but oh boy, his last performance was on the point. 1.53 rating with 45 kills vs might Astralis. He brought a clean 2-0 victory to his team over mighty Astralis. Their match vs OG was not too much different. Again, he was the top fragger on the server with 41 kills and 1.25 rating. Really impressive performance lately, that’s why I picked him as an underdog here. Solid odds on that.

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