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Pre Fire Predictions 5th October 2020

"DAMWON and JD Gaming are on fire in the group stages so far, but Ghost is showing an impressive performance for PSG Talon."

RAND1919 | Oct 05, 2020 | Pre-Fire Predictions

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Suning vs Team Liquid

TOP PICK (top KDA): Angel (Suning) @ 5.20

UNDERDOG PICK (top KDA): Broxah (Team Liquid) @ 5.90

Both Liquid and Suning entered the group stage with losses. Liquid lost to Machi E-Sports in their 1st match of group A, while Suning lost to G2 in an amazing game and backdoor action from PerkZ, G2’s ADC. Angel from Suning had a really good game in his mid position. His Syndra play was so strong that he managed to achieve 7 kills and 9 assists by the end of the match with 3.2 final KDA. On the other side, Broxah from Liquid is constantly showing decent performance. Even though he is playing in the Jungle position, he always shows himself on the top kills rankings. Broxah had an amazing LCS Summer Split with 7.8 KDA in 18 matches, and even though he is playing Jungle he is always high on the kill scoreboard. He is my underdog pick for this match. 

DAMWON Gaming vs PSG Talon

TOP PICK (top KDA): ShowMaker (DAMWON) @ 4.80

UNDERDOG PICK (top KDA): Ghost (PSG Talon) @ 7.80

This is a match of the first and last ranked team in the group B. DAMWON is on the top of the group with 2 wins, while PSG Talon is at the bottom with 2 losses. In 3 matches, PSG Talon managed to get only 3 kills. Their match vs Rogue was a match where they did get zero kills on the scoreboard. 16-0 for Rogue described that PSG Talon has a very low chance of advancing. On the other side, DAMWON is on fire, and they are surely one of the favorites to take the Worlds 2020. For that reason, I must pick 2 DAMWON’s players for my picks today. ShowMaker will surely make a real show in this match, as his KDA in the LCK Summer 2020 season was out of this place. He ended the regular season with 16 KDA in 39 games and 4.2 average kills. Really impressive performance for DAMWON’s mid player. As an underdog, I would pick an ADC player from the same squad. During the same season, Ghost was showing impressive performance in his ADC position. With his 7.7 KDA and 3.3 average kills per game, he was surely one of the best ADC players in the Summer Split.

JD Gaming vs Rogue

TOP PICK (top KDA): Yagao (JD Gaming) @ 5.00

UNDERDOG PICK (top KDA): LokeN (JD Gaming) @ 5.30

We are still in the group B, where 2 teams will fight for the 2nd place. JD Gaming and Rogue will face each other in a direct battle for the 2nd place in the group. It will be interesting to see who will hold 2nd place after 3 match days in group B. JDG is the second-best LPL team, and they are heavy favorites in this match. As well, they are favored to finish top 2 in their group and to advance on. Considering everything we’ve seen from Zoom and the boys thus far, I consider them to be an equal opponent to DAMWON, at least in the group stages. Yagao and LokeN from JD Gaming are surely my favorite players for this match. I believe they will be two guys to have the highest KDA at the end of this match. I don’t give too many chances to  Rogue’s players here. Yagao’s KDA in this season was pretty decent. 5.4 KDA and 69% win rate. If he gets his hands on his strongest champion LeBlanc, he can be deadly. His KDA with this champion is 12, and his win rate is 86,4%. Impressive numbers for sure. On the other side, their ADC player LokeN has a little bit higher KDA rate over the season. 6.4 KDA in 2020 Splits, but that’s natural on ADC position. He scored a decent 5 kills and 3 assists in their last match vs PSG Talon. Those are the two players to watch for in this match.

These tips are intended as a guide only and probables shown on Puntt are subject to change as we take bets from other customers.

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