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LoL Worlds Predictions 25th September 2020

"Broxah had an amazing LCS Summer Split with 7.8 KDA in 18 matches"

RAND1919 | Sep 25, 2020 | Pre-Fire Predictions

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MAD Lions vs INTZ

TOP PICK (most kills): Carzzy (MAD Lions) @ 4.40

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): Envy (INTZ) @ 6.10

Possibly one of the most fun and interesting teams at Worlds, MAD Lions come in ready to prove that they are better than what they showed during the LEC playoffs. This team surprised everyone during the Spring Split and knocked G2 down to the lower bracket in the first round. Giving this team time to test things out in Play-Ins could make them dangerous later at Worlds. One of the most well known Brazilian esports orgs makes their way back to Worlds for the first time since 2016. This team is full of extremely experienced players. Since MAD Lions are heavy favourites here, my top pick would be their ADC player Carzzy. He had a decent 3.8 KDA ratio in 11 matches he played for the Lions in the region playoffs of a very competitive LCS split. As an underdog we surely must mention Envy from INTZ with his 7.1 KDA in just 9 games he played. He scored an average of 5.3 kills in each game he played. Taking in consideration that LEC is a much stronger league then CBLOL we will see how this will work out.

LGD Gaming vs PSG Talon

TOP PICK (most kills): Unified (PSG Talon) @ 7.30

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): Kramer (LGD Gaming) @ 9.30

At Spring Split where LGD they went 5-11 missing the playoffs, they got it together and finished 10-6. In tye Summer playoffs they went in as 6th seed and enjoyed a reasonable run. PSG Talon, previously just Talon Esports during the Spring Split, have had a great year. Their third finish during the regular season in both Splits eventually set up a win the Spring Split. However, the Summer Split Finals were a let down for then after knocking Machi Esports out to the losers bracket, only to get Swept by that same team when it mattered most. Unified from PSG Talon is our 1st pick here. He ruled in the PCS Summer split with a 8.6 KDA ratio in the matches he played. He also had only a very low number of deaths with just 1.3 per game, excellent for an ADC player. For LGD we pick Kramer. He has impressive numbers also, and he can cause real trouble to their opponents. In the LPL Summer split his 5.1 KDA in 39 matches played were very solid. He made 3.6 kills per match on average.

Team Liquid vs MAD Lions

TOP PICK (most kills): Broxah (Team Liquid) @ 5.90

OUTSIDER PICK (most kills): Jensen (Team Liquid) @ 6.30

Team Liquid come into the Worlds as the lowest seed possible for the LCS. They are having possibly their worst year since before their Worlds runs began. They finished ninth in the Spring Split but then in the Summer they had their best Split ever going 15-3. Subsequently they were knocked down to the loser’s bracket by FlyQuest and then sent out by TSM. They still have plenty of talent and if it all comes together they have the potential to make a good run at the Worlds. There is no doubt here who to choose. Team Liquid’s jungler and mid lane players should overshadow all ADC’s on the map. Broxah had an excellent LCS Summer Split with 7.8 KDA in 18 matches, while Jensen on mid lane had solid numbers too. 5.7 KDA with average 3.7 kills on mid lane.

These tips are intended as a guide only and probables shown on Puntt are subject to change as we take bets from other customers.

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