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ESL Premiership: Autumn 2020 Preview

"You may immediately notice Croatian 25 year old brky"

RAND1919 | Sep 07, 2020 | Pre-Fire Predictions

The ESL Premiership is the National Championship for multiple esports titles, where the best players from the UK and Ireland compete on their path to professional status. Now into the 6th year for CS:GO within the ESL Premiership and aligned with the ESL Pro Tour, teams compete to become the National Champions whilst aiming for international competition. The tournament will be played online with a group stage and single elimination bracket with a best of 5 grand finals and feature a £20,000 prize pool.

Below we’ve taken a look at the participating teams and their headline players.


Endpoint is in excellent form right now and are the favourites to win this tournament. Even though he doesn’t have the highest ratings in the last three months, CRUC1AL was Endpoint’s best player in their recent matches. With 1.08 rating, he was the best individual in their recent match win vs PACT. He was also the player with the highest impact on the team. Keep an eye on him in this tournament. Another pick would be Thomas, a UK player with an amazing contribution to the rounds and highest ratings in the team in the last three months.


CeX has been on the CS:GO scene for just over five years now with an almost full UK roster. Four English players and one Polish player will try to threaten Endpoint in their run for the title. Their star player is Liam “Murky” Smalwood. At just 19 years old, he is a high impact player with an incredible 1.36 rating. He is the main man in this squad, and he was one of the best individuals in their last wins vs Euronics and Wygers.


RADIX is a CS:GO squad full of unknown players. From their listed players, You may immediately notice Croatian 25 year old brky. Even though he didn’t have any significant results and performances this year, at the end of 2019 he was showing good performances in the local A1 Adria League with the BlueJays squad. He’s a player will shine and lead this squad.

uMx Gaming

This is another interesting squad. With three UK and two Irish players, they are the underdogs. All the players are unknown, and it will be interesting to see who will stand out, be their main leader and top fragger.


Hugo “Xaisty” Lindvall is the most known player from this team. He played in some better-known teams such as Epsilon and Asterion. His recent competitive matches were in July last year, where he didn’t cross 1.00 rating. However, for the semi-professional youngster who is just starting to get into the pro scene, this can be enough to lead his team.

Vexed Gaming

Vexed Gaming is a pretty familiar name in the CS:GO world. They’ve just signed a new roster after finishing 2nd in ESEA Main last season and are aiming repeat this achievement within ESEA Advanced and ESL UK Premiership this season. UK player Oliver “leaf” Jacksson will be their number one name as he’s the most experienced player in their roster, as he already has experience playing vs teams such as Endpoint or CeX. He’s another player to have a rating under 1.00, but ESL Premiership could be the tournament he excels in.

NoPurplesAtTOB & Dame Time

At this point in time, those two teams don’t have their roster listed for this stage of the tournament. 

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