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Puntt has launched into the esports space offering betting on esports players.

Colin Jelfs | May 18, 2020 | Puntt Updates

Anyone who follows esports betting will know that very little variety exists, whether seeking odds from the major on-line bookies that have adopted esports or the new challenger brands which focus only on this area.  Team A to beat Team B is about the extent of what is offered with odds much like a ‘two horse’ race. 

Puntt has launched into the esports space offering betting on esports players.  Instantly the ‘two horse’ race has been transformed into something considerably more interesting and more rewarding! Picking a winner from 10 is more difficult than picking the winner from two; it’s a matter of odds, and the odds found on Puntt are better than anywhere else offering esports betting. Consider for a second; in April, Puntt’s first month, the winning odds on all our offered pools on average was 7.91.  That’s nearly £8.00 returned for each £1 invested behind the winner.  

So why pools?   A bit like the pools in football or the tote in racing, Puntt offers betting pools based on predicting an outcome.  It's different to fixed odds betting offered by other bookmakers in esports and it's important to understand how and why to make the best of it.   

In fixed odds, the bookmaker offers their view of the market and allows customer to fix their odds on a selection.  A fixed odds bookmaker’s business runs on ‘net revenue’, which is stakes (bets) less winnings. If winnings are more than the total amount of stakes, the bookmaker loses and that doesn’t happen very often. It is a sad fact that winning fixed odds customers tend to find their future stakes reduced and ultimately their accounts shut down. 

In pool betting, the house (Puntt) takes a fee from each stake to cover our expenses and everything else is placed into the pool.  When the result of the match is known, all those customers who bet on the winner divide out the winnings in proportion to what they bet (their dividend). Hence – in April 2020, our winners for all of our win pools for most kills in CS:GO matches won on average £7.91 per pound invested.  The fees we take from each pool are all clearly listed on our website.   

We started small – win pools on CS:GO – but as the business develops we’re adding more content.  We’ve now introduced ‘place betting’; pick one of the first two in the list of kills per match and you’re a winner - now with a theoretical chance of 1 in 5 not 1 in 10 like the win pool. Shortly we’ll be offering more markets, even more interesting bets (roll-overs for accumulator bets, where the pool isn’t won first time, for example) and more esports to bet on.  Next will be League of Legends followed by Dota 2 later this year.  

Puntt is licensed in the UK by the Gambling Commission and currently offering pool betting to customers in the UK, but we will be expanding our list of territories shortly as well.  Esports is as international as football and has a huge following around the globe.  

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