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DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Preview

Starting May 19th, EU and NA will kick start the DreamHack 2020 tournament – what can we expect?

Harry Wade | May 18, 2020 | Esports News

CS:GO and a lot of other esport communities can be proud of what they have managed to achieve since the global pandemic began. Covid-19 has impacted the industry in ways we can’t all properly realise, but the scene has stepped up to the challenge, and that in of itself is a mark of the love we all have for the game. 

As you may have seen, Puntt have nominated the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund as the beneficiary of the Puntt Community Chest for this first quarter. Adding to this contribution, Puntt will be donating £2 to charity for each new account opened during DreamHack Spring 2020.

DreamHack Masters began with its inaugural event hosted in Malmö, Sweden in 2016, with NiP beating Na’Vi and winning $100,000. Since then, it’s been host to international hotspots, from Las Vegas to Dallas to Stockholm to Malmo. This year, it’s going to be different.

This year, DreamHack Masters will be broken down into regional online tournaments, where invited teams will bring their best to the servers. EU, NA, Asia and Oceania will all play out their own DreamHack Masters.

  • Europe: 16 teams will complete a four group, six games per group round robin to determine upper and lower brackets for playoffs. ($160,000 prize pool)

  • North America: Eight teams will complete a two group, six games per group round robin to dertime upper and lower brackets for playoffs. ($100,000 prize pool)

  • Asia: Four teams will go straight to playoffs. ($20,000 prize pool)

  • Oceania: Four teams will go straight to playoffs. ($20,000 prize pool)

Starting May 19th, EU and NA will kick start the tournament – what CS:GO matches can we expect?

EU Groups.

Europe looks spicy – the initial matchups for each team will be:

  • Astralis vs Heroic (Group A)

  • G2 vs North (Group A)

  • Mousesports vs Complexity (Group B)

  • MAD Lions vs BIG (Group B)

  • FNATIC vs Team Spirt (Group C)

  • Faze vs GODSENT (Group C)

  • Na’Vi vs ENCE (Group D)

  • NiP vs Vitality (Group D)

Out of the 16 teams attending there are only four outside the Top 20 (ENCE, North, Complexity and Heroic). Five of the teams take up the #18-#22 spots on HLTV. All teams are in the Top 30.

Competition is close.

Last year in Malmo it was FNATIC who took first place, their players posting some exceptional stats across the tournament. KRIMZ tallied the most kills out of any other player – but the top 5 includes three other FNATIC players and ZywOo.

s1mple, ZywOo and device stats over the last month in online matches.

Some of the best players in the world make up the teams in EU. ZywOo has been doing ZywOo things recently, as have dev1ce and s1mple - and from what we’ve seen so far, s1mple on LAN isn’t so different from s1mple online… NA doesn’t exactly look LUL either, with teams like Liquid and EG wanting to make a statement.

NA Groups.

For NA we have these as our first match ups for each team

  • Team Liquid vs Chaos (Group A)

  • mibr vs FURIA (Group A)

  • EG vs Cloud9 (Group B)

  • 100Theives vs Gen.G (Group B)

EG is looking shaky, having lost three of their last five matches to Gen.G, Cloud9 and 100 Thieves, their Group B counterparts. Meanwhile, Liquid have lost twice to FURIA in their last 5. Online play is certainly a factor, but a finish outside the top 3 for both these teams in Road to Rio NA will not be a performance they’re looking replicate. EliGE and brehze will need to regain their form for these teams to be real challengers.

EG and Liquid’s online casualties.

Meanwhile, teams like Gen.G and FURIA have a lot to be hopeful about. The top two finishers in R2R - NA have had some shining moments. autimatic continues to perform for Gen.G, a team that’s been together for less than 6 months, whilst on FURIA KSCERATO and yuurih have been putting in exceptional performances that have seen them both average a 1.24 rating and amass 737 kills between them in the last month. If these players bring those kind of performances to the server, NA looks to be very exciting.

*Puntt DreamHack Promotion Terms and Conditions    Puntt will donate £2 to the Puntt Community Chest for every new depositing customer during Dreamhack. We have nominated the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund as the beneficiary of the Puntt Community Chest for our first quarter, read more here.    Promotion applies to Puntt customers who: 

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